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How is Crossroad Trails Educational Center different from public or private schools? 

Crossroad Trails Educational Center is a hybrid microschool. The teachers at Crossroad Trails have flexibility within the daily schedule to provide attention to each student and facilitate each student's academic progress. Teachers are different from traditional public or private school teachers in that they support individualized learning plans and facilitate implementation of curriculum chosen by the parents. At Crossroad Trails teachers do not teach specific mandated lessons for each individual child. The teachers are actively supporting students “in the moment” to provide the necessary support throughout the student’s educational process.


Parents choose the curriculum. Our center can provide recommendations. We welcome all types of curriculum from public virtual schools to book based purchased curriculum.

Who chooses the curriculum?

How are students grouped throughout the day?

Student grouping is fluid and based on age and enrollment numbers. There are age appropriate options (wiggle seats, couches, kitchen tables, formal desks, etc) so that learners are able to move around and have freedom in their work locations. 

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