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Parents choose the curriculum they feel is best suited for their child. We believe parents know their children the best so they should be making their child's educational decisions. Our center can provide recommendations and resources to families. We welcome all types of curriculum from public virtual schools to book based purchased curriculum. We are also able to help families make the transition from public to homeschool status. Crossroad Trails is a non accredited private school. 


Certified with degrees in education

Support the individualized learning plans and facilitate implementation of curriculum chosen by the parents

Low student to teacher ratio



After lunch the focus is on enrichment time for students. This is a time when they are able to work on skills such as using tools, cooking, gardening, cursive handwriting, multiplication facts, art, music, etc.

Parents may also make requests of skills they would like their children to work on.
Fenced in outside playground and gardening area


Non Refundable Registration fee:

$50 per family with 1 student
$100 per family with multiple students


Tier 1

5 days a week - $4000/year, can be broken into 10 payments of $400 per month.(M-F)


Tier 2

3 days a week - $2880/year, can be broken into 10 payments of $240 per month. (M/W/F)


Tier 3

2 days a week - $1920/year, can be broken into 10 payments of $160 per month. (T/TH)

Family discounts available for full time (Tier 1) students. 

What are some unique aspects of Crossroad Trails Educational Center?

A supportive community centered around parents as the expert on their child

Project based and life skill learning activities in the afternoon

 Multi-age groupings (encourages peer modeling and peer teaching)

Individualized instruction based on unique learner strengths and needs

 Daily communication regarding academic progress and learning goals

Small group and large group instruction

Partnerships between parents and teachers

One-on-One support as needed



Our mission is to provide educational services to students by giving parents an alternative choice for their child’s education and by providing an environment that empowers children to experience learning success in a nontraditional setting


Connect with us


815 E Lincoln Ln, Gardner, KS 66030

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