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Who We Are

At Crossroad Trails, our mission is to provide each family with a personalized and supportive educational experience tailored to your child's unique needs and learning style.

Our approach is centered around flexibility in pacing and scheduling, ensuring that your child can thrive in an environment that allows them to progress at their own pace. We are committed to delivering personalized learning experiences that are individually targeted to meet your child's specific academic goals.

At Crossroad Trails, we believe in fostering a culture that prioritizes the individual needs of each student, encourages collaboration between parents and educators, and sets the bar high for academic achievement. We are dedicated to supporting you and your child every step of the way on your educational journey.


Certified with degrees in education

Support the individualized learning plans and facilitate implementation of curriculum chosen by the parents

Low student to teacher ratio


Choice in Learning

Wish your child could explore interests or enjoy more time outside playing? We believe in learning through play and working with a purpose. As a hybrid microschool we let parents choose their child's curriculum while providing an "at home" environment that allows for flexibility throughout the whole day. 

What are some unique aspects of Crossroad Trails Educational Center?

A supportive community centered around parents as the expert on their child

Project based and life skill learning activities 

 Multi-age groupings (encourages peer modeling and peer teaching)

Individualized instruction based on unique learner strengths and needs

Completely individualized learning

One-on-One support as needed

Partnerships between parents and teachers



3 Tiers of enrollment available for families. 

Choose the plan that meets your families needs.

2 days - 3 days - 5 days



Our mission is to provide educational services to students by giving parents an alternative choice for their child’s education and by providing an environment that empowers children to experience learning success in a nontraditional setting.


Connect with us

(913) 399 - 6712

815 E Lincoln Ln, Gardner, KS 66030

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